Children and Money: Why Make Money if You Won’t Let Your Kids Spend It?

Money is a tricky concept worldwide. While some think it is the most essential part of life, many feel it is just to exist happily. No matter what your idea of money is, you need it in this world. You need to earn it, save it and also teach your children the importance of it.

Many parents go out of their ways, strain too much, take more than one job to earn more money and save more. Though some parents are comfortable with letting their kids spend money without much restriction, many are reserved when it comes to letting their kids spend their hard earned money.

So the question here is, why earn all that money if you are not going to let your kids spend it? Here are some reasons many parents earn despite not letting their kids spend it all:

  • Money Value – When you let your child spend it all without any restriction, you are teaching your kid it is easy to spend and there are no consequences. Giving a child unlimited money to spend at starwalkkids could make them happy now, but not really teach them great values. Until they learn to earn their own money, they will not know the value for money and this careless spending will also hamper their adulthood as they just don’t know the importance of money.
  • Saving For Future – one can never be certain of the future. In such cases, it is always wise to save up for the unforeseen future. Be it an emergency, education, vacation or just anything in the future. You need money for it all and parents focus on saving up for a stable and good future for their children rather than let them just spend and enjoy the present.
  • Self Satisfaction – Many parents have a plan and idea for both theirs and their children’s lives. These parents have an aim and a target to achieve. Probably a good bank balance, a house, a fund created for the children, etc. Many parents stop their kids from spending too much so that this dream of theirs can be made a reality.