How to Furnish Your First Home on a Shoestring – The Ultimate Guide

Do not live under the assumption that it is not possible to furnish your home on shoestring budget because here we will give you step to step instructions on doing just that.

  1. Do not rush into buying the first thing you see either because it is cheap or because it is available. Take your time and do research on the types of furniture that you need and the best places and times to buy them without damaging your bank balance further.
  2. Several furniture websites offer discounts for new customers; check them out and compare prices before finalizing the product.
  3. Using promotional codes are a great way of striking good deals when buying good quality furniture for a low price.
  4. Auction houses and antique markets are other places to find good stuff at affordable rates. The key in these areas is to haggle till you reach a price that is acceptable to you.
  5. But not all furniture that you buy must make a statement; you can look for budget deals on simpler and lesser used pieces too but don’t cringe on your bed and sofa frame.
  6. Blinds instead of curtains are not only an affordable alternative but they offer scope to showcase your creativity – you can print something interesting on them.
  7. Several simple pieces of use can be made by yourself from particle or MDF board which are as effective as solid wood.
  8. Showroom samples are often available at a discount because of the scratches and the dents; you can refurbish them or repaint them and cover up the scars.

It is possible to furnish your home with pieces of furniture that are both classy and functional within a budget if you take the time to research and be ready for some DIY. At FurnitureHeaven there are several collections that can please the eye and the purse; check them out.…