How Consumers View Online Delivery Options 2018

From shopping once a month for groceries and once a year for clothes to shopping anytime, from picking up your orders from the stores in person to having it delivered at your doorstep from across the globe, and from cash payments to virtual coins through trulycoin, online delivery has changed the face of delivery systems over the past few years.

Do you still think that consumers have recommendations and feedback to share? Yes, most definitely they do. As long as we are in a world where Customer is King, consumer demands need to be met, no matter what it takes to achieve it.

Here is a quick look at how consumers of 2018 view online delivery options.

  • Consumers are demanding more convenience in terms of being able to place and deliver orders from within the local stores.
  • Introduction of attractive and better loyalty programs linked to every order shipment is being demanded on a wider scale.
  • Even today almost 50% of online consumers leave the website at the checkout page. One of the major reasons for this was that consumers were found to be unhappy with the choices of delivery systems available to them.
  • People are demanding more delivery options to suit their convenience and needs. They are even ready to pay more for personalized and customized delivery options.
  • In addition, customers prefer to shop from sites that offer free delivery and free delivery for same day delivery option as well, if not they don’t mind searching what they want elsewhere.
  • Moreover, customers are being very canny are insisting on having complete control over their online shopping experience, right from how, when, and where the delivery happens.
  • Additionally, they prefer returns and refunds to be processed in the pace as first time deliveries. Unhappy customers are bound to opt for other online platforms if not compensated and cajoled.