Liberate yourself: All you need to know about using a sex swing

If you decided to venture into a new sexual territory, there’s no better choice than a sex swing. And while sex swings might seem intimidating at first, they offer a lot.


A lot of people see sex swings like BDSM equipment, but they offer so much more than that. It’s something new, something exciting, and something simple that you and your partner will both enjoy.


Sex swings offer sensations that you can’t experience any other way, and with any sex toy. You can’t truly enjoy a sex swing unless you are willing to do two things – experiment and let go.

Here’s why:

Feel free to experiment

Different people use sex swings for different reasons. These pieces of sex furniture definitely spice things up. They allow you to try different moves and positions, things you could never do on a bed, a chair, or the floor. On the other hand, it includes a power play, as well as elements of bondage, as the person in the swing is more restricted than usually during sex. What’s most important, sex swings add excitement to the mix. Just imagine your partner suspending you in the air and binding you. Imagine the thrill of being at their mercy, letting them do whatever they want to you. That isn’t just adrenaline-inducing experience; it is also a very intimate one because it takes a lot of trust.

A sex swing offers something for both partners – for the one in the swing, it is a chance to enjoy a wide range of different sensations. Massages and oral can feel completely different while you’re in a sex swing. Plus, during penetration, everything is more intense. The momentum adds intensity, and the straps give the leverage that helps keep the position for a longer time.

For the partner who penetrates, the feeling of being in charge can be positively intoxicating. Complete control over what the other one feels and how they move is a particular kind of thrill.

Be playful

What matters the most with sex swings is that you have fun. A sex swing isn’t just a kind of BDSM; it’s a sexy playground where you can have tons of fun. A bit of adventurous spirit and the will to explore will make this experience much better. In time, as you relax and get the hang of the swing, the hot and sexy aspect of the entire thing will kick in. (Find out more about how swings and slings compare at Cum Swing With Me)


Think of that as of releasing your inner child in the most adult way possible. With a sex swing, you will have to let go, and that fact will make the experience amazing. Once you’re in a swing, you have to lean into it both emotionally and physically. That will open you for new experiences, and make you feel liberated. That is one of the reasons why sex swings are so popular; you can relinquish control and let your partner take you through different intimate sensations.